Are your employees delivering and sustaining high performance?

At Career Perspectives we work with executives, managers and employees to enable them to deliver and sustain high performance while moving forward in their career. Using a partnership approach, we help employees at all levels in the organisation to increase their personal, team and organisational effectiveness, especially at times of uncertainty, restructure and transformation.


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  • Do your ‘first time’ managers have the necessary skills to simultaneously manage themselves, manage people and manage the business in a continually changing environment?

  • Can your people adapt effectively to change and turn obstacles and setbacks into opportunities for future growth and development?

  • Are your employees driving their own careers and development in an environment where promotional opportunities are scarce but continuous learning and development is essential?

  • Can all of your high potential employees build trust, inspire confidence in others and build the necessary relationships to achieve their objectives and develop into future company leaders?

  • Contact us for information on how to help your people develop their skills and career potential.



  • Do your employees have the support they require in the first 90 days to make a successful transition into their first leadership positions?
  • Do your existing leaders have the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed and differentiate themselves as they move into more senior leadership roles?
  • Can your leaders think laterally and innovatively to get results or are they relying solely on conventional ways to address today’s problems?  
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    Contact us for information on how to help your leaders succeed and thrive in a changing environment.


  • Are your managers, employees and teams delivering and sustaining high performance?
  • Are they aware of the many ways in which they can increase their personal energy and resilience to achieve their goals and meet the demands on their time and energy?
  • Are managers aware of the impact of their personal style on their team’s performance and how to use their style to the best advantage?
  • Do managers returning to work after long term absence or illness get the necessary support to return to full engagement and productivity as quickly as possible?

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  • Do your executives and managers need coaching to help them in the development of their management and leadership ability and success?
  • Does your Human Resources team need help in managing a change or transition programme with difficult or sensitive people issues attached?
  • Do your managers or employees need support in transitioning into totally new roles requiring new skills and returning to productivity as quickly as possible?
  • Do your managers and employees need help in moving into new roles, jobs or careers outside the organisation as part of a restructuring programme?

    Contact us for information on how we can help your people move into new roles, develop their future potential or manage difficult transitions for others.
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    How We Work With You

    Together with a group of professionally qualified and experienced associates, we work closely with your organisation to identify the most effective and high quality solutions to your people development and transition needs.

    We consult with key stakeholders at all stages of the process to ensure that your requirements are met in a way that optimises potential results and fits with your organisationís culture and values.

    In addition to coaching, training, group and individual workshops we provide specialist advice and ongoing support to the Leadership, Management and HR teams to ensure continued delivery of superior performance and business results.

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